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The Government Contracting Series

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Light refreshments provided

Holiday Inn Ballroom - Downtown Johnstown
Thursday, May 30, 2019
9:00 am - 11:30 am TBA

Sponsored by Wessel & Company

Hosted by the JARI PTAC

The government contracting workshops presented during Showcase for Commerce have a long history of excellence in providing educational opportunities for our attendees.

GovCon Series title/topics are as follows:

1st speaker - Title: To be determined:

  • Government funded Technology Innovation/Automation/Tax Reform/R&D/Grants
  • Contract monitoring and analysis
  • New data mining technologies Mindbridge/Power BI/High-tech data analysis
2nd speaker - Title: GovCon Industry Updates/Hot Topics
  • DCAA/DCMA Updates
  • Provisional Rates
  • Accounting Systems Reviews (SF1408)
3rd speaker – Title: IIoT and Smart Manufacturing: Let's Get Real About What It Means and How It Works
  • Smart Mfg intro: mfg efficiency and flexibility; 9 technologies including IoT
  • What is IIoT: pulling data, pushing over network, converting to valuable info
  • Need data: to get better need data; start with pulling from machines
  • Downtime: look at downtime data; benefits; what does it look like
  • How to use the data: pick low hanging fruit and troubleshoot
  • Downtime use case (1)
  • Technology behind IIoT: wrap and extend around ISA 95; IoT software platforms; technology choices
  • Wrap-up and Q&A

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